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Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans with Light and Heater 2020

A bathroom exhaust fan plays a crucial role in bathroom space in the house, eliminating unnecessary moisture and humidity. Not only that, but it also comes useful in reducing foul odor from the space and maintaining a hygienic environment. Since a bathroom is a heavily used area in the house, so the chance of mold and mildew growth is also high.

Installing the best bathroom exhaust fan with light and heater can help you to curb mold and mildew growth and prevent them from damaging wooden frames and walls. Plus, the added facility of light and heater will prevent you from installing extra amenities in the bathroom.

Top 5 Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans with Light and Heater:

But how will you find those most exceptional exhaust fans with light and heater? Well, you can go through our meticulously curated list of top bathroom exhaust fans that will treat you with different top-notch products with all the necessary facilities.

Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans with Light and Heater Reviews 2020

1. Broan-Nutone 9093WH – Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Heater and Light Combo

Undoubtedly, Broan-NuTone 9093WH is a top-quality exhaust fan for bathroom with heater and light that has made its way into thousands of houses in the US. Geared with a powerful 70CFM rated exhaust fan, this product can comfortably cater to a large bathroom up to 100sq ft without causing an increase in humidity.

However, this high capacity fan reaches a sound level of 3.5 Sone when it is at full swing and might ruin your calm bathroom environment. Importantly it gets a power rating of 120 volts and 1717-watts, which is quite adequate for an exhaust fan of this high capacity.

Another feature that will grab your attention is the 1500W heater that can offer the necessary warmth you need during the shower. Plus, it gets assistance from an electronically balanced centrifugal blower wheel that evenly distributes the bathroom’s heat. The heater is also accompanied by an intense 100-watt incandescent light and is bright and powerful enough to prevent you from using any other external light.

The unique combination of heater and light can easily cover a bathroom of 65 sq ft, which is a standard size for most of the bathrooms. What’s more? You will also find a 7-watt night light as an added feature, and this light will pamper you with a soft glow to create a soothing environment during the night.

The beautiful 4inch duct size structure with the white enamel grille creates a decorative design that can comfortably blend with most of the decors. The beautiful exhaust fan with a fan and light combo is engulfed in a galvanized housing and makes it last for a long time without getting affected by moisture, humidity, rust, etc.

You will even get a four-function wall switch with this fan, and its main motto is to give you complete control over the operation.

2. Broan-Nutone 665RP – Best Budget Bathroom Exhuast Fan with Light and Heater

Another top-quality exhaust fan with a powerful fan and heater from the house of Broan-Nutone is a 665RP exhaust fan. It may come with an affordable price tag but flaunts a 70CFM fan that efficiently takes out all the stale air and moisture and replenishes the space with a fresh environment.

However, the fan is not capable enough to cater to ample space, but it can easily keep the air clean in bathrooms ranging up to 65sq ft. While working to churn out the moisture from the bathroom, the fan noise will climb up to a sound range of 4-Sone, which would be slightly disturbing.

The chance of vibration or annoying noise is almost minimal, and the credit goes to the polypropylene duct adapter with a silent backdraft damper that absorbs most of the vibrations. The inbuilt 1300watt heater is quite efficient in delivering a decent amount of warmth that you might need while utilizing the bathroom.

Moreover, it comes with a two-large grille that properly distributes the heat in every part of the room. With fan and heater, you will also get to utilize a 100-watt bright incandescent light that creates a clean and aesthetically pleasing surrounding in the loo. The best part is that you can create a surrounding of your own as the fan, light, and heater works independently and also together.

This exhaust fan is extremely easy to install as you can easily mount the hangers bar to the roof and connect it with the help of an inbuilt junction box. Not only does it perform well, but it also creates a clean appearance with its white polymeric grille and Types IC unit.

It also comes with a 2X6inch compact body structure that virtually blends in the ceiling of almost any small to medium-sized bathroom. The chance of getting affected by moisture or fog is quite low because the hardware is protected by cold rolled galvanized steel housing.

3. Delta electronics RAD80 – Top Quality Bathroom Fan with Light and Heater

Meticulously engineered with premium level hardware, Delta Electronics RAD80 is one of the top budget-friendly bathroom exhaust fans you will find in the market. This exhaust comes in the form of an adequately large vent with galvanized steel construction that allows the fan to fit in any bathroom space without covering many areas.

The side of the panel is attached to a metal duct adapter that enables the panel to dissipate the foul air entirely to the outdoor space. The installation process is really straightforward, and you won’t have any difficulty while mounting this 9-pound device.

Geared with a top-notch DC brushless motor, you can run this fan for a minimum of 70000hours and drive all the moisture and foul odor. Importantly, it gets an 80CFM airflow rating, meaning the chance of high humidity or stale air in the bathroom is almost minimal.

Even if the fan is in full swing, you will enjoy a quiet bathing experience, and it is due to the 1.5 Sone sound level it produces. The inbuilt heater comes with 1300W that makes sure you are treated with adequate amounts of heating while you bath during cold seasons. The inbuilt thermostat, on the other hand, maintains your desired temperature and makes sure you have a comfortable time in the bathroom.

The heater is also equipped with a thermal cutoff fuse, so you won’t have to think about any accident. This bathroom unit gets a fan impeller that automatically stops to ensure safe operation. Despite the flawless exhaust performance, it only consumes 11.7watts and gets an efficiency rating of 7CFM/watt.

The steel casing easily fits in any exhaust space, while the white grille creates a minimalistic output to complement your decor. Besides the look, the grille evenly spreads the heat in every corner of the bathroom so that you won’t feel discomfort in far ends.

4. Broan-Nutone 668RP – Ceiling Bathroom Exhaust Fan and Light

When looking for a heavy bathroom exhaust fan at an inexpensive price point, one model that will pop out in most recommended lists is the Broan-Nutone 668RP. Built with a powerful 70CFM exhaust fan, it curbs down the moisture, mildew, and odor from your bathroom to introduce mesmerizing surroundings.

However, this unit doesn’t get any heater facility but compensates it with its terrific performance. Since it utilizes a heavy-duty fan for ventilation so when the fan reaches its peak speed, then it creates a moderate sound level of 4.0 Sones for all-round comfort.

Not only exhaust fan, but Broan-Nutone 668RP also flaunts a highly efficient 100-watt incandescent light that can quickly light up a bathroom around 70 sq ft. Moreover, the light is blended with low profile decorative LED luminaire that creates an elegant outlook in the bathroom.

The white polymeric grille on both sides blends easily with the ceiling and creates a timeless style statement. With 120 VAC and 2.0 amp electric rating, this exhaust indicates a low power consumption that you will hardly find in a cheap bathroom exhaust fan with heater.

It is one of those exhaust fans that you can install over the shower or tub, but you will need a GFCI circuit to install in that place. You can comfortably install the exhaust system by yourself, and you will get an adjustable hanger bar for assistance. This unit also receives a mounting bracket that can easily adjust thickness up to 3/4inches.

However, you will need a space of 2X6inches on the ceiling to fit the unit along with an opening easily. With corrosion-resistant galvanized steel housing, you can expect this device to last for a long time without getting affected by moisture.

5. Aero Pure A515A W – One of the Quietest Bathroom Fan with Light and Heater

Aero Pure A515A is one of a kind ultra-quiet exhaust fan with light and heater that can put up a performance that is at par with high-end models. Based on a high-performance airflow capacity of 80 CFM, this exhaust effortlessly sweeps away all the unwanted wetness and introduces a fresh surrounding in your bathroom.

The rear side gets a 4inch diameter duct connection that conveniently dissipates all the four air to the outdoors. The built-in backdraft damper doesn’t allow outdoor air from entering, meaning you can expect a fresh environment while taking a shower. To give you a pleasing experience, the unit has been engineered with an ultra-quiet fan that only reaches a sound level of 1.0 Sones.

Say goodbye to sudden chill when you enter your bathroom during winter as the exhaust fan also comes with two 270W infrared heat lamps to create a soothing temperature. Importantly, the lamp is made up of an anti-blast hardened glass bulb that won’t get affected by condensation or humidity.

This exhaust fan serves as an all-rounder because it features a 60-watt incandescent bulb at the center to glow up your bathroom. With exceptional performance, it also offers an elegant look that will blend seamlessly with your bathroom decor and create a modern design statement. Plus, the white color will complement your wall, but only if it has a mild color tone.

Aero Pure A515A comes with a thermal shutoff facility where the sensor will automatically turn off the heater if it senses high temperature. The installation is quite simple as it comes with a dedicated mounting bracket, but the manufacturer says that it should be installed by a professional.

However, you should avoid installing it directly over the tub or shower and place it in a convenient location from where it can evenly distribute the heat. Installing it in the middle of the bathroom would be a good decision so that it can reach every corner.

6. Broan-Nutone QT9093WH – Top Performing Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Light and Heater

You might think of the Broan-Nutone QT9093WH as just another exhaust fan, but once it starts working, it will change your whole perception. It is a top performance bathroom exhaust fan with light that utilizes a highly-efficient 110CFM fan to maintain a clean and comfortable bathroom environment.

The best part is that this fan can provide optimum performance in bathrooms up to the size of 105sq ft, meaning it can cater to most of the bathrooms in American houses. While the fan is in full swing to churn out all the foul air out of the shower, it only makes 3.0 Sone sound, which is understandable for a fan of this capacity.

Broan-Nutone QT9093WH also treats you with a powerful 1500-watt heater that can create a warm environment in the bathroom and spare you from any discomfort. If somehow, the heating temperature rises above the safety level, the automatic reset thermal protection will switch off the device.

The white enamel grille in the front not only helps the exhaust to spread the warm air in different areas but also makes sure the device blends well with the decor. Besides, you will also get an ample dome-shaped 100-watt incandescent light that offers enough glow to light up your large bathroom for proper usage.

This exhaust is also blessed with a 7-watt night light that comes handy when you will wake up in the middle of the night and will have to use the loo. The expansion type hanger makes the installation quite simpler, and the mounting bracket can fit up to a joist of 24inches.

However, it will need a minimum of 2X8inch construction space for installation, so you check this factor before purchasing the device. All the hardware housed inside the steel casing that not only offers a complete look but also saves the hardware from any kind of damage. Unfortunately, the manufacturer hasn’t come with any warranty information but some say they offer one-year warranty0 coverage.

7. Broan-NuTone 100HL – Bathroom Fan with Incandescent Light and Heater

Finding it difficult to maintain a fresh surrounding in your large bathroom? Well, then you can consider installing the Broan-Nutone 100HL that has earned a lot of praise for its terrific performance. With the assistance of HVI certified 100 CFM fans, it delivers a quiet yet high exhaust performance without leaving any foul odor to ruin your bathing experience.

Having said that, it only makes around 2.0 sone sound level so you won’t be disturbed by any annoying sound while performing your morning routine in the bathroom. Whether you have a small or large shower, it doesn’t matter because it can work flawlessly in a bath up to 90sq ft.

You will love how the 100-watt incandescent A19 bulb will light up the bathroom space and create a beautiful environment while you use the bathroom. Plus, the lamp is HVI certified, so you can entirely rely on the longevity and performance of the bulb.

Apart from the fan, the feature that attracts the attention of numerous customers is the 1500-watt heater that is useful for heating the bathroom on a chilly winter morning. The heater is accompanied by a 360-degree directionally adjustable vent so that you can direct in any corner of the bathroom.

This is one of the best bathroom exhaust fans with light that also offers the provision for installing a multi-function wall switch, but you will have to buy it separately. Besides, the mounting is quite simple, and it would comfortably fit within 2X6inch ceiling construction.

While wiring it, you will need a dedicated 20 amp circuit for completing the connection. Matching this exhaust unit with your decor won’t be a problem because it comes with an elegant design and white polymeric grille finish. Importantly, it is very energy efficient and, unlike others, gets a 70.2 power rating so you can save some money on the energy bills.

8. Broan-Nutone 605RP – With Heater (Without Light)

Flaunting a streamlined design with ergonomic white grille on the facade, Broan-Nutone 605RP will be an ideal addition to any bathroom with any kind of decor. If the white polymeric grille doesn’t blend with your wall color, then you can paint it to match the wall. The exhaust fan gets a high 70CFM airflow capacity rating that indicates it can efficiently eliminate stubborn odor and humidity from the bathroom of small to medium size.

Plus, the fan operates at 4.0 Sones sound rating, so you will hear a certain level of fan sound while doing your regular bathroom routine. The body is padded with a polypropylene duct adapter with a snap-on backdraft damper that plays a significant role in preventing outdoor air entering through the fan.

In addition to the powerful exhaust fan, this unit also bags a 1300-watt heater that is capable enough to provide comfort without requiring you to touch the home heater. Unfortunately, this heater is only suitable for bathrooms with a max size of 65sq ft; otherwise, you won’t have adequate warmth on chilly mornings.

Even if the exhaust is located on the far end of the bathroom, the high-performance fan can evenly distribute warm air in every corner. We also liked its versatile nature as the exhaust fan and heater can work separately or all together, depending upon your preference.

It is undoubtedly one of the best bathroom exhaust fans with heaters that fit into 2X6inch ceilings construction and doesn’t take more than an hour for installation. It also gets a hanger bar that is adjustable from 16 to 24inch so that you won’t have any difficulty while mounting it.

The nickel-chrome casing is highly durable, and it prevents the fan and heater from getting affected by moisture or vapor. It works with a 120Volt power source; thus, you can quickly hook it to your standard power connector.
Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans with Light and Heater

Reasons why you need a bathroom exhaust fan with light and heater?

A bathroom exhaust fan is an essential appliance, and it has numerous benefits that make them a must-add unit. Here are some significant reasons.

Drives away unnecessary moisture

Having an exhaust fan keeps your bathroom area free from unnecessary moisture, which leads to mildew, molds, allergies, etc. An excess amount of moisture is produced while you shower, causing an increase in humidity when the moisture dries. Apart from mold and germs, a high amount of humidity often causes damage to the wall and wooden furniture.

Reduce Airborne Contamination

An exhaust fan is really useful in curbing airborne contaminants that arise from chemical products we use for bathroom cleaning. The cleaning product contains VOC that leads to various lung issues, but an exhaust keeps the air free from those chemicals and makes it healthy for breathing.
Eliminates foul odor- One of the primary reasons for installing an exhaust fan is to remove foul odor and maintain a fresh environment in the bathroom. Almost every bathroom develops an odor when it is used for a prolonged time, but an exhaust fan throws them out and allows fresh air to take the space.

Keep The Bathroom Warm

In cold regions or during winter, an exhaust fan with heater will keep your warm and facilitate you to have a comfortable shower. It will also help you to create a sauna-like environment and that too, without excess moisture or odor. You may check the article by the University of Southern California to know how important a bathroom exhaust fan is.

Saves Space

A bathroom exhaust fan with a built-in light and heater not only makes your bathroom highly functional but also helps you save an ample space. As they come in a single unit, so it doesn’t bite a considerable space in the wall and maintains the design aesthetics.

Reduce Maintenance Cost

Excess moisture can damage a lot of appliances and fixtures in the bathroom that will lead to a colossal repairing cost. But having an exhaust fan prevents any damage and saves you costly fixes.

Bathroom Exhaust Fans With Light And Heater: What To Consider Before Buying?

To treat yourself a high-quality bathroom ventilation fans with light and heater, you need to consider various factors. Here are those crucial considerations that will guide to the most appropriate unit;

  • Size and Design – When you are installing an exhaust fan, you need to consider the size and design as not all units will suit your bathroom. So you should choose an appropriate design and size that will fit into the designated exhaust section in your bathroom.
  • Air Flow Capacity – Always opt for an appropriate exhaust fan with adequate airflow capacity to keep your bathroom fresh and odorless. The airflow capacity is highly dependent on the size of the bathroom. The capacity is measured in cubic per minute (CFM), and it indicates the ability of the exhaust fan to circulate air in the bathroom. You should have at least 1CFM for every square foot of your bathroom. So for a large bathroom, you will need an exhaust with high CFM while a small bathroom can work with a low CFM fan. Check the article to know more about CFM.
  • Noise Level (Sones) – The noise level of your exhaust is an essential consideration because it will determine your bathing experience. You won’t surely want an exhaust fan that creates a lot of sounds and ruins your bath. So for a calm and quiet bathroom environment, we would suggest you go for a unit with a rating under two sones. However, a fan with four sones will create a lot of noise and will ruin your shower.
  • Heating Capacity – Well, an exhaust fan with an inbuilt heater may not come with high heating capacity, but make sure it is capable enough to get the job done. Check out how much heat it can produce as it will be useful in cold seasons or regions.
  • Lighting Facility – When you are getting a fan with inbuilt light so you should accurately assess the type of lighting it offers. Getting an LED light is ideal for the bathroom as it provides an excellent glow and is highly energy efficient. However, fluorescent or incandescent lighting will also do the job.
  • Installation – An exhaust can come with ceiling or wall mount, and depending upon your convenience; you should opt for the type you want. Plus, they come with separate mounting hardware, so you should be careful about what you choose.
  • Energy Rating – Lastly, make sure the fan you want to buy is energy efficient as it will save you a lot on energy bills and reduce the cost of ownership.


Exhaust fan with heater and light plays a crucial role in the bathroom to keep a fresh environment while providing adequate warmth and lighting conditions. However, finding the most appropriate bathroom exhaust fan is a tricky process.

Our experts researched and tested several products before making this list of the best bathroom exhaust fans with light and heater. They have even assessed the expert and user reviews on various e-commerce sites and forums before finalizing the products.

We hope the products we have added will quench your thirst for getting the most excellent exhaust unit and transform your bathroom. If you are looking for sheer performance, then installing Broan-Nutone QT9093WH would be the ideal decision.

However, if you are thinking of investing in a product that performs well and also looks good, then you can consider Aero Pure A515A. It doesn’t mean all the other products are inferior to them; instead, every product on this list will impress you with its performance and design.

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