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Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Humidity Sensor Reviews 2020

Are you getting irritated with increasing humidity in your bathroom? Is mold or mildew, causing cracks on your wooden vanities? If you’re using an old bathroom exhaust, then that device must be the main culprit as it is getting ineffective and allowing moisture to ruin the wall and hardware.

Installing the best bathroom exhaust fan with a humidity sensor can assist you to automatically eliminate all the unnecessary moisture and prevent the growth of mold. A bath vent fan with a humidity sensor is highly effective for homes, as many occupants often forget to turn on the fan while using the bathroom.

Top 5 Exhaust Fans with Humidity Sensor:

An exhaust with a humidity sensor plays an active role in keeping a balanced humidity level in the bathroom while elevating your bathroom’s freshness. Plus, it modernizes your bathroom and brings that sense of smart home by notching up your bathroom’s functionality.

In this article, we have come up with top bathroom exhaust fans with humidity sensors that can be a perfect addition to your bath space.

Apart from the reviews, we have also put forward some essential topics that would ease up your buying process and help you to choose the appropriate model.

Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans with Humidity Sensor Reviews 2020

1. Broan-Nutone 9093WH – Best Bathroom Exhaust Bath Fan with Humidity Sensor

Delta BreezSignature VFB25AEH is simply a top performance bathroom exhaust with a humidity sensor that excels in performance, feature availability, and durability. Geared with a DC brushless motor technology, this top-notch fan promises a reliable performance even after years of usage.

The best part of the fan is the 130CFM air capacity that can quickly move all the unwanted moisture and odor from your large bathroom and introduce a conditioned environment. Even though the fan has a considerable airflow capacity, but it keeps the sound level around 2.0, which means you will hardly hear any sound in your large bathroom.

It works so silently in large spaces that the manufacturer has added a LED indicator within the grille to indicate its operation.

Based on the freshness of the bathroom, you can set the fan in full speed or humidity control mode with a simple push on the on/off switch. However, the feature that takes all the attention is the precision-engineered humidity sensor with a humidity control model.

You can set the humidity level between 50% and 80%, and the fan will automatically start its magic when the humidity crosses the scale. The exciting part is that the fan will automatically stop spinning after 10 minutes when it senses the moisture has gone below the set level. Besides the fan indicator, you will also have another LED indicator which will indicate the working of the humidity sensor.

Now, you must be thinking with so much airspeed and feature; this humidity-sensing fan must consume a tremendous amount of energy. But surprisingly it is quite an energy-efficient and only consumes around 7.2-19.1-watts along with Energy Star certification.

With high performance and effective humidity sensitivity, you will also appreciate the white square-shape grille that looks well in most of the bathroom decors. Delta offers a 3-years warranty coverage with this model so you can use this device without any worry.

2. Delta BreezGreenBuilder GBR80H – Bathroom Exhuast Fan with Adjustable Humidity Sensor under $100

Another highly rated exhaust fan with a humidity sensor from the house of Delta is BreezGreenBuilder GBR80H. With the capability of producing 80 CFM continuously, this exhaust can easily throw out all foul and humid air and make the lavatory soothing for a long shower.

While taking a shower or doing your regular bathroom routine, you won’t be displeased by the fan noise as it operates quietly by producing 0.8 Sones. It is based on a specially designed Delta DC brushless motor that not only ensures a consistent performance but also plays a significant role in curbing down the fan noise.

What makes it stand out in the crowd? The option is to choose different low speeds between 0CFM and 50CFM for smooth working when the humidity is below the set point. The fact that you will surprise the most is its atypically low power consumption and energy-saving up to 86%.

Unlike others, Delta BreezGreenBuilder GBR80H surpasses the Energy Star requirement by 840%, which means you can save a lot of money on monthly energy bills. Importantly, it carries UL certification so you can comfortably opt for ceiling or wall mount during installation.

The installation process is straightforward, and the preinstalled hanger bars are partly responsible for it. The steel casing flaunts a durable build quality, and it saves the motor and fan from any kind of damage from moisture. However, it gets the ordinary white grille that sits well on any wall color without looking out of fashion.

3. Delta electronics RAD80 – Top Quality Quiet Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Humidity Sensor

Broan-NuTone QTXE110S can be introduced as a competitively priced humidity sensing bath fan that blends performance, reliability, and design. Based on a premium quality humidity sensor with Sensaire technology, it detects the quick rise in moisture and automatically turns on the fan.

With an auto-shutoff feature with an adjustable timer between 5min and 60min, the fan will automatically stop working and save you unnecessary wastage of energy. It is an ideal solution for eliminating high moisture from your bathroom as this device facilitates you to adjust the sensitivity. However, the main impact on the performance is made by the 110CFM fan that can easily circulate a large volume of air in your bathroom up to 105sq ft.

The Broan-NuTone QTXE110S also utilizes a high-end motor that works continuously and makes sure you are always treated with optimum exhaust operation with no foul air. This highly versatile fan, while eliminating moisture, tobacco smoke, or foul odor, only makes 0.7 Sones, meaning you will enjoy peaceful surroundings while you are using the loo.

To maintain the top-end performance, this exhaust equips a large 6inch duct so that it won’t have to compromise while moving a large volume of air. Unfortunately, the manufacturer hasn’t given any facility to adjust the fan speed in this bathroom exhaust fan with a humidity sensor.

It requires the standard 2X8inc construction space for placement, but you will need to make a bigger hole as it comes with a 6inch duct. The hanger bar attached on all sides makes the installation process quick and easy. You can expect the exhaust to stay by your side for many years, and the rugged galvanized steel construction is partly responsible for it.

Even though it gets the typical white grille, but the innovative design can comfortably spice up the decoration of your bathroom decor. The Broan-NuTone’s 3-years warranty coverage covers all the damages and technical issues, and during this period, you won’t have shell a single penny on repairs.

4. Delta Electronics BreezSlim SLM70H – Cheapest Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Humidity Sensor

Without a doubt, Delta BreezSlim SLM70H is a widely popular cheap bathroom exhaust fan with a humidity sensor that not only performs well but also looks good. The main highlight of this device is the humidity sensor that actively senses the humidity level and switches on the fan when humidity crosses the 60% threshold.

But after some time when the humidity level goes below 60%, the sensor will automatically stop the fan from swinging. Having said that, this exhaust comes with an airflow capacity of 70CFM, so the chance of any moisture or growth of mold in your 70sq ft bathroom is almost nil.

Delta BreezSlim SLM70H incorporates a modernized brushless DC motor technology that makes not only sure a continuous operation but also a quiet operation at 2.0 Sones. A great advantage you will get is that you can set the fan speed either in full speed or humidity control mode based on the bathroom’s surroundings.

Since both humidity sensor and fan work almost silently so Delta has given Blue and Amber LED light for indication. Despite the superior performance, it only comes with 5.8CFM/watt energy efficiency rating and saves you from high energy bill costs. To prove its energy efficiency, it comes with the Energy Star certification.

The compact structure of this top-quality exhaust fan for bathroom with humidity sensor is highly effective, and it can easily fit into any old exhaust space. Whether you want to set it up in a wall or ceiling, you can opt for both, and the UL certification backs the versatile setup.

Designed with the traditional white grille, it not only helps the fan to spread the air in every corner but also blend well in any wall or ceiling. You can use it on a regular basis without thinking about longevity or repairing costs because it comes with three-years complete warranty coverage.

5. Delta Electronics ITG80H – Bathroom Fan with Humidity Sensor

Delta BreezIntegrity ITG80H is a meticulously crafted exhaust fan that may get an inexpensive price tag but performs like a pro when it comes to eliminating moisture. This fan packs a powerful fan with 80CFM airflow capacity, and it will not ensure a clean environment but also prevent any damage to the bathroom.

The fan is powered by a top-of-the-line DC brushless motor that provides top-notch performance and continuous operation of 70000hours. While doing your morning routines, if you think the bathroom is too dry, then you can switch from full speed to humidity control mode to reduce the fan’s flow. Even if the fan is at full-speed, it only oozes out 1.5 Sones sound-level so you won’t have to worry about annoying sound whenever you switch on the exhaust.

The humidity sensor ITG80H gets is really useful, and it quickly starts the fan as soon as it senses the humidity level is above the acceptable level. After a few minutes, when the moisture level drops, the sensor automatically turns off the fan to retain a favorable climate. But you won’t have any humidity customization option to create a bathroom climate of your liking.

Like every other top quality bathroom ventilation fan with a humidity sensor, it is also energy-efficient design and ensures an annual cost on the energy bill of just $10. However, unlike others, it is engineered with a soft start function that delivers not only smooth operation but also a long bearing life.

The galvanized steel casing, on the other hand, protects the internal hardware from any kind of damage and prevents them from rust or corrosion. The compact housing makes it really easy to fit the fan in any old housing space, and you will also have a hanger bar for simple fitting. If you want, you can place this device near a shower or tub, but you will need to incorporate GFCI protected circuit wiring for complete protection.
best Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Humidity Sensor

What are the Benefits of Installing a Bathroom Fan with

Humidity Sensor?

When you install a bathroom fan with a humidity sensor, it will treat numerous benefits and won’t be limited to just moisture removal. Let’s check out those benefits;

Automated Operation

The automated operation of the bath fan with a humidity sensor relieves you from the hassle of switching on the exhaust every time you use the bathroom.

When you shower, the sensor automatically senses the increased moisture level in the bath space and switches on the fan to maintain a balance. Some fans even come with different speed options based on the moisture level so it can create a fresh air quality while you use the bathroom.

Fresh Bathroom Space

Excess moisture in the bathroom leads to a musty odor, which can ruin the freshness of the toilet. With the automatic removal of excess moisture, the exhaust with a humidity sensor brings a freshness to your bathroom.
Not only that, but winter mornings or summer afternoons can also create a high humid environment in the bathroom even when you don’t use it, and it is not suitable for usage. So when your exhaust fan senses the high moisture level, it will automatically start its magic and maintain a fresh bathroom space so that you won’t face discomfort.

Automatic End

Another great perk of automated operation of the exhaust fan with a humidity sensor is that it will automatically shut off when the humidity reaches an acceptable level. It is a general scenario that many people often forget to switch off the exhaust fan while they are in a hurry.

Leaving the fan running, not only causes the removal of conditioned air but also leads to unnecessary use of electricity. Plus, when you keep the fan running for long hours, then there is a chance that the fan might catch fire due to heat buildup. So the automatic shutoff saves you from all the issues and ensures a safe bathroom.

Prevent Damages

Having an exhaust with an automatic humidity sensor prevents your bathroom from different kinds of damage and keeps up the good look. Not only it prevents the metal items, especially the bathroom pipes from getting rust but also saves the wooden furniture from getting cracks.

Plus, it protects the wall color from getting fluffy and maintains the pristine look of the bathroom. So ultimately, it bars you from spending a considerable amount of cost on renovation and also minimizes maintenance costs.

Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Humidity Sensor: What To Consider Before Buying?

Buying the best bath fan with humidity features is easy, but choosing it is where the trick lies. So we have put forward some vital factors that you should consider before buying:

  1. Adjustment In Humidity Sensor
  2. Bathroom Size
  3. CFM Rating
  4. Customizable Fan Speed
  5. Noise Level(Sones)

Adjustment In Humidity Sensor– Humidity sensor is an excellent tool in an exhaust fan that removes unnecessary moisture. But having the option to adjust the humidity would be helpful as you will be able to set the moisture level you prefer. Generally, a fan with a customizable humidity sensor gets a knob that allows you to change the relative humidity from 25% to 75%. Having customizable humidity will let you keep the loo slightly humid during winters when the weather is arid.

Bathroom Size – Before considering any exhaust fan, the first thing you should assess is your bathroom’s size to help you determine the CFM. Having an overpowered or underpowered exhaust fan would be a futile investment.
If you get an overpowered fan for a small bathroom can lead to air problems, which might affect other appliances in the bathroom. But if you go for an underpowered fan, then it won’t get the job done, and the excess moisture will cause numerous damage in the bathroom.

CFM Rating – With bathroom size, the next most crucial factor that you need to consider is the CFM rating because it determines the strength of the exhaust. Basically, the CFM rating tells you how much air volume the fan can move based on per square feet of the bathroom space.

So if you have a 50sq ft small bathroom, then you should look for exhaust with a minimum 50 CFM rating. However, if the exhaust has to cater to a large bath of 120sq ft, then you should go for 120 CFM. Besides, you should consider the number of fixtures in the bathroom because they obstruct the air movement.

Customizable Fan Speed – Once you have decided your CFM, now you need to determine whether you want a fixed or customizable fan speed. If you go for fixed fan speed, then the fan will run on full swing even if you don’t need that much exhaustion of moisture. But having an adjustable-rate allows you to choose the fan speed based on various conditions. Certain fans will give three to four-speed options, while some budget models only come with high and low-speed settings.

Noise Level(Sones) – You should never ignore the noise level of your fan, which is denoted in Sones. A fan that has a noise level of 1.0 Sones or below, then it would give you a quieter exhaust operation. So if you want a pleasing showering experience, then you should go for a low Sones rating. But if you think you can bear some fan noise, then you can go for a noise level between 2-4 Sones but not above that range.


When you get a bathroom exhaust fan with a humidity sensor, you will find a significant change in the freshness of your bathroom. Regardless of the fan airflow capacity, the humidity sensor works flawlessly by sensing the humidity level and automatically starts the fan to curb down the humidity. Proper ventilation is essential in any bathroom, and we think an exhaust with a humidity sensor will be ideal for that purpose.

Besides having a humidity sensor, the products, we have added also works quietly so that you can enjoy a peaceful environment while using the lavatory. Even though most of the products come with affordable pricing, but when you install them, you will see a significant improvement in air quality.

We have highlighted a buying guide that we hope will help you make a better decision for your convenience. However, if you feel you are still confused, you can contact us, and we will try to help you to narrow down your choice.

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