Everything You Need to Know About Single-lever faucets

What is a mixer faucet?

Single-lever faucets are the elements that have a single control that regulates both the flow of water and the mixture of cold and hot water. This type of faucet is normally used in kitchens, washbasins, and bidets. Currently, the installation of this type of faucets in the bathroom is more common now that offers greater comfort and savings in water and energy.

Fabrication material

The quality with which the mixer faucets are made varies according to their characteristics, in the case of the coatings some come in bronze and others in silver. Its materials guarantee long-term durability, also its internal materials are composed of ceramic valves to regulate the flow of water and its temperature. All come with brass alloys assuring their quality.

The brass with which the mixer faucets are made are resistant and easy to clean, combating the lime and mineral residues that may occur over time. It has an inner hose that has a necessary resistance to fold, adopting the necessary spaces for its use. The quality of this type of faucet on the market is so great that manufacturers give up to 10 years of warranty .

Types of single-lever faucets

This type of faucet is the most used for its variety of designs for bathrooms and kitchens, the pieces are made with ceramic material that makes the faucet work in a simple way, eliminating leaks and drips.

There are two main types of single-lever faucets in the market according to their characteristics, since most of them are faucets with a control to control the water flow and the temperature at the same time, the two types of single-lever mixer are:

  1. Traditional mixer : allows saving water by injecting air into the flow making it constant.
  2. Thermostatic mixer : they allow to maintain the water flow temperature in a constant way.
  3. Monomando waterfall : they are faucets where the water runs directly, they do not economize the water.

Single-lever faucets brands.

The existing brands in the single-lever faucet market are very extensive, all of them have the main objective of adapting to the needs and taste of all. The most striking feature of single-lever faucets is their function of adjusting the flow rate and the temperature at the same time, offering greater comfort to the end users.

Why choose a single-handle faucet

This question is one of the most used in the faucet market, the answer is for the simple reason of not having faucets with two keys. The use of faucets with two controls usually damage a specific control and stop working, to let out a strong flow of water users must turn their control many times which causes unnecessary expenses of the vital liquid.

The single-lever faucets guarantee their total functionality in a single rapid movement that manages to control the force of the water flow and at the same time the temperature of the same without the need to use two controls, this feature is of great importance when it comes to saving energy and of time.

Some faucets have additional sprinklers, this provides mobility and an extra function, if we talk about kitchen faucets it allows to clean areas of unattainable surfaces for normal faucets.

They allow controlling the water flow that we want to use since they have special ceramic valves that regulate it and make the faucet more efficient. With just turning the handle from top to bottom or if we want to control the temperature from left to right.

How does a mixer faucet work?

In the homes of the present, there are two water pipes, hot water, and cold water. In the mixer faucet, the two types of pipes are installed when the shower mixer is located below this one has closed the passage of the water, when raising the handle the water flow begins to leave varying its force when turning the faucet towards the sides. detects a variation of the flow temperature in a perfect mixture.

Advantages of single-lever faucets

  • They have modern designs adapted to all the needs of modern bathrooms.
  • It regulates the temperature with the use of a single control in a more exact way .
  • Its flow regulation is easier thanks to its ceramic discs that facilitate flow flow and water savings .
  • The way in which single-lever faucets are configured allows hot and cold water to be mixed from its central position
  • It has greater security in terms of hot water output.
  • It has a longer life time thanks to its proven quality components.

Installation and assembly

All single-lever faucets are accompanied by a series of indications with very easy to understand graphics which explain step by step the procedures for their installation.

Before proceeding with the installation of the mixer faucet, you must close the water passages corresponding to your bathroom. In some cases, this stopcock is located below the faucet in the bathroom or kitchen. After the closure of both hot and cold water accesses, it must be verified if there is no water leakage in the already installed faucets.

Using a wrench, the flexible hot and cold water hoses connected to their respective stopcocks are disconnected, then the rod is disconnected from the water plug in the sink.

To disconnect and remove the old faucet, you must loosen the screws that are on the bottom and back, as well as the nuts remove the fixing ring, proceed to remove the faucet from the top, as well as the flexible hoses .

The installation kit of the mixer faucet has all the elements necessary for its installation, the first thing to do is locate the base in the shape of a horseshoe and its rubber in the lower part of the single lever trying to square the holes where the screws are.

The flexible hoses are installed one by one with the wrench, from which the faucet is assembled by means of the main orifice of the main sink, place the rod of the cap and check that there are no water leaks.

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