How to Clean the Bathtub?

Hello good people, we have written an article on replacing the bathroom faucet. Today, we have come with another article to show you how to clean bathtub.


One of the most sacred places in terms of cleaning are the bathrooms, care should be taken that this space is always in optimum conditions to avoid the wear and tear of its elements and invest in the future in unnecessary expenses.

In this article we will focus to explain from the more simple and economical way to clean the tub of his home, with our tips can save money on cleaning products for the bath. Discover with us the best results when cleaning your bath.

In the market, there is a lot of cleaning products available for bathtubs, but these products are very expensive maintenance of the tub, in the following descriptions will put at your disposal strategies for to save time and money in this process.

How to clean the tub so that it is white.

Keep a bathtub clean and bright is not synonymous with good cleaning products used, generally present bathtubs are made from materials like fiberglass, marble, ceramics that are materials easy to of clean but very sensitive to scratches.

Then we will describe the steps to give proper maintenance to your bath with a homemade product. You must know the material that your bath is made, each material requires a specific treatment porcelain, glazes and ceramics are sensitive to the abrasive cleaning products.

Bath of marble and ceramic

For tubs with marble or porcelain best ingredient is to use a mixture of vinegar, ammonia and bicarbonate in half a litre of hot water. A sponge is soaked with and rubbed across the surface at the end is rinsed with hot water.

For ceramic and tile baths.

In this type of bath treatment is made with lemon juice, apply lemon juice on the entire surface of the bathtub, after that is removed the lemon juice with a dry cloth. This cleaning process is simple and eliminates all the spots small present in it.

For fiberglass tubs.

If your tub is fiberglass or acrylic material, ideally clean with non-abrasive detergents diluted in water. The use of these mild detergents ensure the brightness of the baths, you can get this type of detergent in any supermarket or where to sell cleaning products.

Quick video on how to clean a bathtub

Discover the best home cleaning tricks


This is the most common way to clean a bathtub, it is important to mention that regardless of the product that you choose to clean the bath should not be used any brush which can scratch the surface of it. For this reason it is advisable to use a soft sponge.

Warm water and neutral SOAP

One of the fastest and most simple strategies is to use warm water and neutral SOAP mixing these two ingredients and using a sponge so you can rub across the surface of the same especially where being spots at a glance. This method is very simple and warrants a significant product saving cleaning leaving the bath very clean.

Sodium bicarbonate

It is a very easy process, sodium bicarbonate acts in the same way that many expensive products on the market giving us even more optimal results. A good amount of baking soda in water, it dissolves is rubbed with a sponge across the surface of the bath and its elements of stainless steel which apart from removing stain highlights the brilliance of the metal.


Vinegar is a cooking ingredient which is used in some salads but in this occasion to act as a home for baths, clean these elements in a deep way only apply vinegar over the entire surface with vinegar and rinsed with warm water after a few minutes.

Oil and lemon

In the case, the bathtub is made of ceramic, the best option is to use a little oil and lemon, with a soft cloth mixed oil and lemon and apply it to the entire surface within a dry time surface with a clean cloth and without oil or lemon

Water, detergent and bleach

This mixture is one in a dispenser, this mixture should be sprayed only entire tub with an emphasis on the corners, once sprayed it rubs well with a sponge is left to dry and then clean with plenty of water.

Oxygenated water

Is presented as one of the best solutions to remove yellowish spots or from scale of the minerals present in the water, spray the entire surface leaving for 30 minutes and then well washed with warm water.

Citric acid

Using an envelope of citric acid powder is dissolved in a glass of water, then rub the solution with a sponge on the entire surface of the bath and leave for twenty minutes by removing it with warm water and a sponge.

How to remove stains from a bathtub.

In the case that bathtubs are worn from use and have a yellowish appearance which cannot be eliminated, can be bleached with 2 materials which do not miss in any home and without chemicals. Just need to mix two tablespoons salt with a glass of vinegar.

The procedure is to mix the ingredients and add it into a dispenser leaving it to stand for 1 day, then sprayed the mixture in the tub and clean with a soft sponge. It is advisable if yellowish stains are large apply baking partner leaving the stand and wipe with sponge.

Mix a part of dishwasher and a quarter teaspoon of baking soda with vinegar, this results in a super cleaned multi-purpose for cleaning any piece of furniture or accessory in your bathroom.

It is pleasure for us to share these tricks and techniques for the maintenance of your bathtubs. Very soon we will be publishing more articles of interest. Stay tuned.

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