Best 4 Hole Kitchen Sink Faucet Reviews 2020 with Buying Guide

Bored of using your old aged faucet? Want to bring a new dynamic to your kitchen decor by adding an extravagant faucet that catches everyone’s attention?

Only a four-hole sink faucet can do justice to your desire. But will you opt for ordinary one or the best 4 hole kitchen sink faucet? Obviously, you go for the finest as it will treat with look, quality, durability, and performance.

Our list of high quality 4 hole kitchen faucet will guide you to the most appropriate tap that will not only meet your requirement but will improve the aesthetics.

Top 3 Recommended 4 Hole Kitchen Faucet:

Top Pick
Pfister Wheaton 1-Handle Pull-Down...
Giagni Pompa Stainless Steel...
Pfister Wheaton 1-Handle Pull-Down...
Giagni Pompa Stainless Steel...
Top Pick
Pfister Wheaton 1-Handle Pull-Down...
Pfister Wheaton 1-Handle Pull-Down...
Giagni Pompa Stainless Steel...
Giagni Pompa Stainless Steel...

What is a 4-hole Kitchen Faucet?

A four-hole kitchen faucet is a popular faucet choice that is widely common in the kitchen of many homes in the United States. In addition to offering a sophisticated outlook, it brings versatility and convenience to the kitchen area.

The faucet uses one hole for the centerpiece, two side holes for the lever handles and the last one for the additional side sprayer, soap dispenser or air gap. They make cleaning an easier task for you and assist you in complete lengthy kitchen tasks within a short time.

A good thing about four hole kitchen faucet is that they come in a wide variety of finish and design, so it gets easy for owners to buy them depending upon their decor. Moreover, it also offers versatility in pricing, thus making sure every owner with a different budget can install them in their kitchen. However, the installation isn’t easy, and it requires a reasonable amount of time to place them as connecting supply lines are slightly complicated.

Now, let’s dive into the reviews of all the potential faucets;

Top 5 Best 4 Hole Kitchen Faucets Review 2020

1. Pfister Wheaton – 4 hole Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

An unconventional 4 hole kitchen faucet with pull down sprayer is a justifiable phrase to define Pfister Wheaton that excels in every department. With a high-arc centerpiece, this faucet offers you a compact field to perform all your kitchen task efficient and that too without interrupting movement. Rated with a high 1.8gpm water flow, you can accomplish all your kitchen tasks with ease.

To add to the cleaning convenience, it comes with a pull-down spray-head that offers a wide reach so that you don’t miss out on any place in the sink. The head also gets a toggle button that allows you to switch between stream and spray depending upon your requirement.

Once you are done with cleaning, you have left it, and its advanced docking system will automatically secure to its original position. It even comes with a soap dispenser that makes it easy for you to clean your hand after or before any kitchen task.

Even though it comes with a soap dispenser but you can utilize the decorative deck plate to install it in the four-hole kitchen sink. The best part is that it comes with the Quick Install tool for the speedy fitting process. The prominent stainless steel finish and durable build quality make it an ideal addition in any kitchen decor.


Delta Valdosta may simple in first glance, but it is an outcome of sheer craftsmanship that will baffle you in both performance and durability. It treats you with a 20inch retractable pull-down hose and 360-degree of swivel, so your everyday kitchen task will turn into a fun activity. You will get a full range of motion while working under the faucet and it is due to the high-arc faucet.

The faucet gets the Delta’s renowned MagnaTite docking system that uses a powerful magnet to retract the spray-head when not in use. However, the most highlighting feature is its ShieldSpray technology that creates a concentrated stream that cleans all types of messes without splashing water.

For added convenience during busy hours, it gets a soap dispenser that relieves you wash messy hands after completing kitchen tasks.

This 4 hole kitchen faucet with pull out sprayer will always look new even after years because the SpotShield technology resists any fingerprints and water spots. Build with heavy-duty material and Diamond seal technology it enhances the longevity of the faucet with minimal leak points. It is compatible with four holes of installation, so you just have to connect the InnoFlex PEX supply line to make the faucet functional. It is backed by the limited lifetime warranty so you won’t have to worry about the repair cost after you buy it.

3. Giagni Pompa Stainless Steel 4 Hole Kitchen Faucet

Giagni Pompa pull-down is a beautifully designed high end 4 hole kitchen faucet that is dedicated to making your life easier in the kitchen. Installing it in the kitchen sink will swift up your kitchen tasks, and the credit goes to its 360-degree swivel along with the tall faucet.

Moreover, it gets a dual model spray-head that offers an aerated stream for cleaning tasks and gentle spray for washing fragile items. Maximum maneuverability is the specialty of this faucet because it gets along a pull-down sprayer that allows each every area of the sink during cleaning. Maintain a clutter-free countertop during kitchen hour, and it is due to the highly-functional side soap dispenser.

The lever handle is effortless to operate so controlling water flow will be a piece of cake for you. Build quality won’t ever be your concern because Giagni has manufactured it using European ceramic disc cartridge. The jaw-dropping design with stainless-steel scratch-resistant PVD finish makes it a worthy investment in the kitchen space. It comes with a low flow Neoperl aerator that maintains steady pressure without wasting any extra amount of water. The package includes a 27-inch supply line with a deck-plate, so it makes it easier for you to install it on the four holes of the sink.

4. MR Direct 710-BN 4 Hole Kitchen Faucet

When you search for a lavish four hole kitchen faucet with side sprayer, one model that will pop out in every list is MR Direct 710-BN 4. It is a 9inch high faucet that makes enough space under it so that you can comfortably move while cleaning. The spray-head also comes with 360-degree swivel spout so that it can add to the overall easiness it offers during kitchen tasks.

MR Direct 710-BN 4 gets a specially designed side sprayer whose main motive is to make all your kitchen task a smooth affair. To make things more convenient, it gets a soap dispenser, and it will assist you to keep the sink area clean. You can stay assured that it won’t reduce the flow rate during the cumbersome task as it is appropriately pressure tested.

The manufacturer claims that it will last for many years and it is due to premium lead-free material along with ceramic disc cartridge. Based on the four-hole installation, you can complete the whole placement process within a few hours. When it comes to looks, it brushed nickel finish with classic European design will surely make it an eye-candy of any kitchen area. It may have a limited amount of features, but it carries ADA, NSF, cUPC, and SWDA certification that makes it a worthy addition.

5. Brizo 68475 Bidet Faucet

Brizo 68475 bidet is one of a kind 4 hole bidet faucet than can get the best out of any sink space with its performance, durability, and versatility. Matted to Scandinavian design with numerous European detailing, it stands out in any sink space despite the kitchen decor. Moreover, it gets a premium chrome finish that gives it a modern outlook. It is designed in such a way that it delivers a constant water flow rate and that too at constant pressure.

However, unlike any budget 4 hole kitchen faucet, it gets a long bidet structure so you might face difficulty in movement while cleaning.

You can easily control the water flow rate along with temperature with its two handles that moves with little force. Vacuum issues will never be your concern, and all the credit goes to its highly effective vacuum breaker.

Build quality is another highlighting point of this faucet because it is built with high-quality metal and ceramic disc cartridge. It even comes with metal pop assembly, so it spares you from spending any extra money. The installation process is slightly complicated, but if you the manual, then you won’t have difficulty in completing the 4 hole installation process.


When you are trying to figure out which model 4 hole faucet will comfortably blend with your kitchen sink and perform well, then our list will come handy for you. All the products on this list may come from different brands and have different designs. But one thing that is common in all the models is top-notch performance and impressive durability.

Most of them come with a wide range of features that are dedicated to making your kitchen tasks more manageable. However, not all of them are reasonably priced, and they belong to different price ranges. Before purchasing, you should properly measure the sink area so that you can buy the appropriate product.


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